Large Old 1920/30s Tortoiseshell Antique Vintage Wood Bevelled Wall Hall Mirror

SiMPLY STUNNING OLD OVAL BEVELLED HALL MIRROR. ORIGINAL 1920/30s OLD WALL HUNG MIRROR. Nice and genuine old mirror, totally original. This mirror is absolute quality, heavy plate being nice and thick.   

Extra Large White Wood Painted Wall Mirror Vintage Antique 3ft10x3ft 117 X 91cm

Large Mirror White Ornate Antique Big Wall 3Ft10 X 3Ft 117 X 91cm 40 X 30. 111cm x 91cm Approx 46.1" x 35.8"Approx. A classic white hand finished French style mirror. The design boasts ornate detailing in all four corners and sides.   

Beautiful Antique Vintage Gold Mirror, Large Wood Framed Bevelled Oval Giltedge

A stunning example of a simple, yet elegantly designed Victorian mirror. They are far better made and much more flattering due to the quality materials and thicker glass they used to use back then.   

Extra Large Mirror Black Wood Wall Antique Vintage 4ft6 X 2ft6 126cm X 76cm

Large Mirror Black Antique Ornate Big Wall Mirror 4Ft6 X 2Ft6 126cm X 76cm. A classic black hand finished French style ornate mirror. The design boasts ornate detailing on all four corners and sides adding a final touch of elegance to any room from bedroom to lounge.