Vintage Keyaki Wood Japanese Hibachi Coffee Table With Copper Inset & Drawers

Vintage Keyaki Wood Japanese Hibachi - Coffee Table With Copper Inset & Drawers. A truly beautiful and unique table. Hibachi tables come with a copper insert that are designed to be filled with sand to take the burning charcoal on which to heat the iron kettle, or tetsubin for tea making. This carefully crafted object is fitted with drawers to keep tools, tea, cups, tobacco, dry food, etc. Thus, the hibachi in this form, were used the heat a room, was used to warm sake, prepare tea for guests, or cook small meals and came to replace the older irori in urban dwellings. A historically ...

Vintage Wooden Marble Top Wash Stand

This vintage wooden wash stand with a marble top is a magnificent addition to your antique furniture collection. The wash stand is made of wood and features a tabletop crafted from high-quality marble. Its antique charm is highlighted by the intricate detailing on its surface. The wash stand's features, including its antique label and nightstand categories, make it an excellent choice for those who value timeless design.   

Antique Duck Hunting Decoy Wood Folk Art Old Paint Vintage Sporting Collectable

This is a naive wooden duck hunting decoy, likely made in the early 1900s. The decoy has a rustic feel, with its old paint adding to its charm. This piece of folk art is a great addition to any collection.